Hostel Information:

Opening times

Reception open : 07:00 – 22:00 hrs. Main hostel open: Throughout the year, 24 Hours / 7 Days a Week


Rooms and Reservations

Reservations are required prior to arrival to avoid disappointment. Reservations through Hostel or National Office by telephone, fax or e –mail and online booking.


Passport or valid ID required. Group booking directly through National Office or Hostel by telephone, fax or e –mail .


You can easily enjoy Breakfast. and other meals on the same compound on hostel.

Hostel Standards and Quality
Youth Hostels must meet

All Licensee/Franchisee Youth Hostels must meet the following standards:





  • Hostels should be opened to all & accessible to guests 24 hours a day
  • No discrimination on the basis of race, colour, nationality, religion, disability, age, gender or sexual orientation
  • YHA hostel staff to be trained to meet the needs of the guests
  • Hostel should display Information about NHHC & its Membership and other services at the reception
  • Hostel should display information about tourist places in the local area, public transport services & other valuable information to the guest
  • Staff training to place a strong emphasis on a friendly helpful approach and making guests feel thay they are sincerely welcomed.




NYHC hostels to meet local Health and Building Safety Regulations

All surfaces, furniture, bedding and equipment must be clean

Proper care to be taken for any seepage, leakage or smell in the hostel

Staff should follow proper cleanliness in attire, especially when preparing and serving food and beverages

A good night's sleep (including the hire of freshly-laundered linen if it is not included in the overnight charge), and sufficient washing/shower facilities

Surrounding grounds to be keept neat and clean, safe and tidy and should be maintained in an environmentally conscious way




Appropriate steps to be taken for ensuring the security of guests & their possessions including lockers for luggage & valuables, restricting unauthorized persons from entering the hostel premises

Staff to be trained to handle emergency situations, recognize risks to the personal security or peaceful enjoyment of guests, and to assist guests who are injured or suffering illness

NYHC hostels to meet all applicable safety regulations and to hold current certificates of registration, as required by statutory authorities, and all required health and safety certificates




The Manager must ensure that the right to privacy of all guests is respected at all times

Privacy for men and women in hostel wherever possible




All NYHC hostels must ensure the general comfort of their guests

Adequate ventilation with sufficient room floor area and ceiling height

NYHC hostels to have an adequate supply of running water in rooms

All NYHC hostels shall provide laundry service, which allows guests to do their personal laundry if it is not available in the vicinity

Guests may be able to purchase some food items at the hostel or there should be a food shop in the vicinity

Preferably a public telephone to be available in the hostel or in the vicinity Note: NYHC conducts regular inspection programmes to check whether these quality standards are followed and ensures that customer service standards are met.